What Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

Under Colorado law, the person who injured you is responsible for:

  • Past, present and expected medical expenses

  • Any property damaged, such as your motor vehicle

  • Any permanent disfigurement or disability

  • Your emotional suffering, including anxiety and depression

  • Lost current income and a change in your future earning capacity due to the injury

  • Any additional expenses that were a direct result of your injury

A good lawyer will know what type of expert witnesses to hire, to best prove your damages.


How Long Do I Have To File A Legal Claim?

In Colorado, in an auto accident, you only have three years to file a lawsuit against the person who injured you. If your lawyer has not been able to settle with any involved insurance companies, you will have to file a lawsuit before the two-year statute of limitations, or recover nothing.


Things To Have After The Accident:

  • As soon as possible after it happens, write everything down about the accident. Include all details of your injuries and their effect on your daily life. Also include anything you remember hearing from others involved.

  • Try and get their information immediately.

  • Write down your various injuries and report them to the doctor. By telling your health providers about all of your injuries, those injuries will become a part of your medical record, which will be evidence of your injuries. Make sure they listen and write it down, and if ? recite the injuries to the auto accident.

  • Report the accident to your Insurance Company within days. This is very important. Depending on your policy they may pay some medical bills (Medpay), fix your car or provide coverage for uninsured motorist.

  • Have all doctors provide prompt and written documentation for any accident related time off work. This should be done at the time you are actually not working due to the accident. This should be done for every doctor for every time that you are out of work due to the injury. This is very important in proving your time off from work due to the accident related  injury.

  • Obtain and preserve all physical evidence relating to the case. Immediately following the accident you should obtain an accident report from the Police Department and ask for copies of any pictures they may have taken. If they do not have pictures, the liability insurance company as well as your insurance carrier will have them. Also don’t forget to ask for the officer notes and both sides of any any traffic tickets issued.

  • Absolutely give no details of the accident to insurance adjusters, except your own,  or other representatives and certainly no recorded statements. Tell them politely that you don’t want to give a statement until you have spoken to your attorney.

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